resin bonded aggregate demand all time high

October 22nd, 2014

resin bonded aggregate demand all time high

I wonder if this a countrywide happening?  I would have to say yes it is a resin bonded aggregate demand all time high as we complete our research on the latest news, we see installations up and down the country!

We have just been so busy our posts are taking a bit of a battering.  Not something we like to miss talking about, but with the resin bonded aggregate demand all time high it is very difficult to do everything and our customers come first!

We have just received an enquiry (which I don’t think will be within our area, but we are more than happy to help where we can)

This enquiry is still to be dealt with, the customer asks a number of questions which we think will be helpful if included on our site.

I have been reading some blogs on which i think you may have commented, I am interested to know a bit more about it really.  My  drive  is approx. 65 sq metres, on a slight down hill gradient.  Part of it is  concrete in covered and some  in poor tarmac  and part  badly laid slabs  as well.  I was thinking to have drive sorted in 2.5 pea shingle resin boundWhat sort of substrate would you need as I will be turning some of the existing back to grass area  and there are some levelling issues which need to be sorted.

Is compacted  a good base in the areas that need sorting? Also how thick can the topping be?  We have a few cars and also sometimes turn around on the drive”    To the left side is where we will have grass again on a curve from about a foot in from the drive at front to the 3rd panel up from door.  We could  do  the substrate our selves probably due to levelling issues and tree stump removal etc”

Simon has offered to have a phone call chat, but will also answer some of the points raised.  Always good to see that people don’t assume that it will work. This enquiry has quite a few considerations to bare in mind.

Eastwood resin bonded aggregate works by Drive-Cote Ltd DSCN5708 DSCN5709 resin bonded aggregate demand all time high for Drive-Cote Ltd

We have noted that there is a bit of a mix of surfaces – grass- concrete- tarmac so there will be quite a lot of prep work whatever route  he takes.  Whether it is for tarmac, concrete, imprinted concrete, slabs, paving or just grass, preparation is key for any new surface.

Also considerations like anti slip weed free, maintenance free all important factors. Remember not all surfaces offer these benefits perhaps this is why it appears that it does appear to be a  resin bonded aggregate demand all time high.  Perhaps it is the commercial installations that are helping to promote the resin bonded resurfacing.

Eastwood,Kimblerely, Selston, Sherwood, Shirebrook. Ikeston, Borrowash,Mansfield call Drive-Cote Ltd

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