resin driveway explanation

October 6th, 2014

resin driveway explanation

I found this on the internet and thought it was one of the better translations with regard to a resin driveway explanation and installation details

“A resin driveway is one of a variety of innovative techniques for paving driveways and similar surfaces. Using resin to bond ornamental aggregate materials to your driveway, a resin driveway is a versatile and durable material. The way a resin driveway is assembled, you end up with a non-slip surface with better traction, adding to the safety of your roadway. Plus, resin holds gravel and stones tightly bound so they don’t become loose and end up denting your vehicle.

Resin driveways are made by scatter coating a smooth, level sheen of quick setting resin to the top layer of your surface. Aggregate is then applied evenly on top of the resin layer and within just a few short hours your new driveway can be used. There are several different colors available for both the resin and the aggregate materials so you have the creative flexibility. You can even create a logo or design out of the aggregate, making resin driveways are a great option for businesses and storefronts”

resin driveway explanation Drive-Cote Ltd Newthorpe job Anti slip resin driveway by Drive-Cote Ltd driveway resin bonded stone by Drive-Cote Ltd

This resin driveway explanation goes on to say

“Any existing surface can be scatter coated with the resin compound and covered with an aggregate mix. The curing process only takes approximately two to four hours. Installing a driveway of resin can be completed in one afternoon! Since resin only needs to be applied at the base, this method remains a much cheaper alternative to the more complicated trowel method”.

Whilst this is dependent on the use of the surfaces – i.e. foot traffic may well be of with slabs it is not ideal for vehicles.

This information goes on to say

“Maintenance is simple as well. Asphalt ages quickly and gravel has to be raked, but because a driveway made of resin is a completely bonded surface, there is very little possibility of cracks, potholes and wear. There will never be gaps for weeds and invasive plant life to sprout up and crack your driveway. When wear does occur, the same type of resin material is required for patching”

The resin driveway explanation also goes on to talk about suds compliance.

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