Derbyshire resin driveway

November 25th, 2014

Derbyshire resin driveway enquiry specifiying  resin bound as  Grade 1 listed property.

This Derbyshire resin driveway enquiry  had a very large drive which had recently had a base coat with a stainless edging installed ready for the resin  bound paving.

On chatting with the gentleman,  we clarified our position with regard to the right product ( or surface in our case) for the right purpose.  The caller  however was adamant that  bound was the choice, and as a result of the existing surface  being only the base and not having a wearing course or top coat, the resin bonded aggregate would not be suitable for installation on to this surface anyway.

This caller originally had gravel down and had been renovating the Grade 1 listed property and its surroundings over the past 2 years.

He had been in touch with a number of resin installation companies who had all advocated resin bound (hence the edgings and the base coat) and he informed us that we were the first company to refer to resin bonded  stone as the resin of choice for  an anti slip, weed and moss free impermeable surface for his sizeable driveway.

This was to his surprise and he went on to question our reasoning.

As we have always said there are various differences between the two products resin bonded grave and resin bound paving.

It is all down to the purpose and what the client wants.

If the client wants  a porous and smoother  surface then resin bound is the way forward.  However as we highlighted this does require maintenance ( usually yearly as a result of  the very wet winters we have been experiencing)  to minimise  and eliminate weed and moss growth.  Surfaces  of a porous nature have a propensity to allow seeds and spores to embed and germinate in the structure.  If left unattended weeds, moss and algae  can get a strong foothold and become established.  Then  power washing and weed killer will not be able tototally  remove the invasive root growth.

In addition the structure of a porous materials means it is less tensile than an impermeable base.  This is why concrete and tarmac are the most effective (being non porous)  and structurally stable surface for vehicles and offer longevity.

This is where the resin bonded installations come into play.  They use the existing structure to actually take the weight of a vehicle.  Resin bonded stone or resin bonded aggregate as it is also known does not allow the ingress of water, therefore does now allow weeds, moss, seeds and spores  to get a hold.  It provides an anti slip protective and durable surface.


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