resin stone Sydney

December 2nd, 2014

resin stone Sydney

Found this on the internet and I bet resin stone Sydney  doesn’t have the same issues as the UK with the weather holding them to ransom.

On saying that too high a temperature can have a negative on the resin installation as well!

I also found a pour on resin they are using in Sydney.  This website provides a case study for information. 

This is not something we as a company provide however, it would be interesting to see how it wears.  The report goes on to say

Midland Interchange, WA

In 2012 over 3500m² of Pour On Gravel Binder was used to stablise a decorative gravel finish to a newly developed landscape feature at the busy interchange in Midland, WA.

The finish required was to utilise attractive, locally sourced gravel, but to offer a low maintenance solution which maintained full porosity.

Product Name: Pour On Gravel Binder

Area: 3500m²

Depth of lay: 30-40mm

The process of installation is as simple as it seems. A 20ltr bucket is prepared by drilling 1-2mm sized holes through the bottom of the bucket and simply walking the resin over the loose gravel ensuring an even application.

This process is usually completed in two or three layers and can be smoothed out with a straight edge or even a steel trowel immediately after the first resin application. Alternatively a rougher finish can be achieve as was required on this project to discourage foot, bicycle and skateboard trafficking”.

Resin stone, resin bonded aggregate and resin bound paving are all variations of use of  a very versatile product!