resin winter time anti slip installations

December 31st, 2014

resin winter time anti slip installations

Last year  we wrote  quite a few posts with regard to the Winter time and installations  and our post on resin drive installation Winter time highlighted potential issues with regard to the installation  and the weather and resin.

However once again we see the statements by some companies that they can apply resin (resin bound and resin bonded) when it is raining.   But be very wary of these claims as a resin drive installation Winter time can be hard work.  The weather does not have to halt a project, but it can hold it to ransom!  Concrete and tarmac have different porosity qualities so the surface for  resin drive installations Winter time can dictate on how and when to apply a resin bonded or resin bound application

Snow has arrived early this year – very nearly a white Christmas – and no doubt it has taken a few of us by surprise.  In fact it has prevented an installation we were trying to complete – but as they say such is the nature of the beast.

This local Mansfield driveway will be completed as soon as we can!


Back to the weather  – we did a post in November whereby the gritters were on standby.  However on the snow fall we have managed this year I would have to question the truth? We have seen no sign of a gritter (well that is not strictly true I have seen one gritter)  and judging by the road conditions over the past few days there has not been much activity on this front.

A recent report in the Mansfield Chad seems to be supporting these concerns.

The report says

Nottinghamshire County Council have defended their gritting scheme after a tirade of criticism from drivers, residents and councillors.

Many have spoken out against the council’s apparent lack of gritting on the towns’ roads.

But the council have hit back saying they have been out continuously since the heavy snow storm of Boxing Day – and grit isn’t ‘magic dust’ to eliminate snow.

Coun Kevin Greaves, chairman of the Council’s transport and highways committee, said: “The County Council has faced a lot of unfair criticism over the last couple of days,”

“The facts are that we did everything we could to deal with the heavy snowfall on Boxing Day night which arrived much earlier than all the weather forecasts were predicting.

“We were expecting rain first – during which you can’t grit as it would wash away – followed by snow, but in the event the snow came almost immediately.

“Our crews reported early for duty as soon as it became clear what the situation was and within 20 minutes were out on the roads

“No amount of gritting, however, can prevent that amount of snow from settling on our roads.

“Grit isn’t magic dust – it needs vehicle movement to help activate it and mix it with the snow and on Friday night there were very few vehicles on the road.

“In fact, in some places our gritting crews were the only people out and about and I would like to pay tribute to them for doing such sterling work. People often forget that the roads are just as treacherous for the gritters as they are very often the first vehicles on the roads.”

The Council is urging people to be good neighbours during the icy weather and help clear residential roads, paths and pavements by following the Government’s Snow Code – which gives clear advice on clearing snow and ice safely.

“The County Council is better prepared than ever for this winter and remains committed to playing its part by salting and gresin winter time anti slip installationsritting the main roads across Nottinghamshire,” added Coun Greaves”.

Already we have seen evidence of the damage this cold spell has caused -potholes!  No doubt the budget already set for repairing the potholes will not suffice!  Remember Block paving, concrete, tarmac, imprinted concrete can all be potentially be damaged. The freeze thaw will inevitably take its toll.

Resin winter time anti slip installations will certainly be on a go slow until this weather clears up.





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