resin bonded aggregate advantages

January 22nd, 2015

resin bonded aggregate advantages

So busy with quotes asking about the resin bonded aggregate advantages,  coupled with Christmas  and the snow  creating delays, time to write about  our service  on our blog is in short supply!

We have been wondering if the surge of enquiries is because of the anti slip properties,  or  people have a bit of money to spare and have concerns about the effects this adverse weather can create.  (Spalling and potholes being common problems for the concrete and tarmac and the freeze thaw process)

If I had to guess I would say it  is more product knowledge now with regard to the resin bonded aggregate advantages.

resin bonded aggregate advantages

We have just received an email

You are probably too far from us (Southwold in Suffolk) but I picked up your comments on a web conversation about materials.

We have a yard c.20xm x 8m behind a 17th c house, currently tarmac with some concrete and brick.  We want to give it a gravel finish and rather than take up the tarmac wondered if it can be covered with adhesive gravel.  It is seldom used for vehicles although there are drain manholes that will need to be accessed.

Can you advise on the appropriate materials, rough costa and whether you know anyone locally to us who might be able to do the work?”

We  have replied

Unfortunately  you are too far for us to be able to quote or complete works.

The resin bonded would work well on the yard area and would be (in this area) about £35 to £40 per sqm.  So on the dimensions provided at the worst case scenario

– £40 per sqm –  you would be looking at £6500 approximately.

I would have difficulty advising with regards to the local area and an installer – just be aware a lot work with resin bound  which is not the same – bit of info on our site here

There are national companies  I believe all these companies train installers  throughout the country so I would suggest you start with these.

 In addition if you look local you may well find installations around shopping centres  and town centres.  If you contact the local council they may well tell you the name of the Commercial

Contractors who may well know of or even complete residential works.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, but make sure you read the section on  our website with regards to the difference between resin bonded and resin bound.

Let me know how you go on with the above companies as I would be interested in feedback”

Resin bonded aggregate advantages far outweigh any other products in the market place for durability and  anti slip properties.  In addition there aren’t any other products out their that can resurface existing surfaces such as concrete, tarmac   (which can be subject to pothole type damage) and  imprinted concrete.

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