credible resin installer

February 22nd, 2015

Credible resin installer

How do you know if a company is a credible resin installer?  Now that is a hard one to answer!

What does credible mean? Does it qualify a company?  Credible means acceptable, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, sure, good and  valid.  The next question is how do you know a company is all or any of these?

Consider these 2 options

Commercial i.e.

Well you can go on a paid for referral website  this is a service  and businesses pay for this ( albeit they have to provide information –  insurance, previous  work history, recommendations )  What a lot of these companies fail to tell you is that they are a business and you are classed as a “lead”.   In addition to validate your company as a credible resin installer you can raise your profile on the internet by posts and blogs once again these can be provided by businesses

All of which you should be able to get from the business direct any way

Or you can investigate the company yourself.   Ask for previous work to look at.  Ask for recommendations  –  check them out on the  internet and check out their blogs and posts.

We at Drive-Cote try and achieve all points ourselves and aim and endeavour  to achieve through our own efforts.

For example if we post details on our website we have provided the details and the information ourselves.  It is a history of our business and a record of our works.

The reason for this post is to highlight that not all details on the internet  are as they seem.  In our research to continue to provide an honest service we regularly find nuggets of information on the internet and below is an extract of a less than “credible” nugget.  See for yourself and consider whether this will provide you with the confidence that this is from a credible resin installer

Bedroom House  Exterior Resin Bound Flooring Paving Surfacing

Exterior Resin Bound Flooring  Specialist

Minimalist Bedroom paced minimalist, modern and gracefull help to make in the home home and comfort Especially if were are talking concerning the bed. well put togetherthe bed. decor wardrobe. small work workspace bookcase. display family images or paintings of natural shades tv lights etc As Such {mix| blend|combine} of colors can further add to the to the lively room of your sleep”

So if you want an honest and credible  resin installer do your reasearch!  Some of our enquiries take over two years to make a decision.  Do you know the difference between resin bonded resufacing and resin bound paving? Can the company you speak to provide you with the answer?  call Drive-Cote Ltd and we will give you an honest explanation.

Tarmac concrete imprinted concrete we can resurface.

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