Drive-Cote Ltd resin resurfacing projects

February 28th, 2015

Drive-Cote Ltd resin resurfacing projects

Here at Drive-Cote Ltd  we don’t just work on resin resurfacing projects we can provide the remedial works to support renovation and reuse of existing surfaces.  Whether it is a concrete or tarmac  driveway,  path or patio we can resurface with our specialist  resin bonded stone.  Providing an anti slip and virtually weed free surface.

Currently this week  Drive-Cote Ltd resin resurfacing projects  have involved extending a surface in Long Eaton, a Doncaster path and patio in perfect condition for resurfacing, an Arnold order and a Chesterfield enquiry.

The Long Eaton Drive-Cote Ltd resin resurfacing project is an existing concrete driveway which needs extending. Only by 1m but without out resin it would stand out like a sore thumb.  With our resin bonded resurfacing we would bring a uniformity to the area.  In addition it would provide a non slip surface requiring virtually no maintenance.  In fact this Long Eaton project is one that originally came to ask for information some two years ago.  We were able to provide addresses for them to view Drive-Cote Ltd resin resurfacing projects.

Drive-Cote Ltd resin bonded resurfacing projects DSCN2823 DSCN8854

The Doncaster order is in Kirk Sandall, the requirement being for a non disruptive low maintenance option for a structurally sound base.  Completed in a day potentially, without the need for removing the existing  tarmac surface.

The Arnold job included in our  Drive-Cote Ltd resin resurfacing projects, wants an edging in stone setts which will add a nice bit of detail and interest.  This one is at quite an early stage but this small tarmac driveway will look very pretty when completed and will bring the driveway to the garden.

Our driveway extension project is an old concrete driveway which is need of an  eco drainage system to ensure suds compliance ( this does not mean permeable paving it means managing the run off water.  Once we have completed the remedial works the client will decide on whether they want a natural finish or a colour.

Drive-Cote Ltd resin resurfacing projects DSCN5688 img-1149

We at Drive-Cote Ltd pride ourselves on being fair and transparent with what we can do and what we can’t.  All of our Drive-Cote Ltd resin resurfacing projects are as a result of providing free no obligation quotes  and we believe,  honest answers to any questions.  Call for our free advice.

Anti slip and virtually no maintenance.

Uses the existing surfaces concrete, tarmac or imprinted.

Want a bit of a design for your garden to incorporate a new attractive driveway? Then give us a call.

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