one is resin bound paving one is resin bonded surfacing

March 22nd, 2015

one is resin bound paving one is resin bonded surfacing

That is the answer what is the question to – one is resin bound paving one is resin bonded surfacing ?

The request is

Hello Guys  I am saving up for my drive to be done and i keep seeing Resi drives being done. Can you explain further how this works. I have a concrete drive that runs along side my house and a front grass area which I want to turn into a car space. I am looking for ideas and costs at the moment so I can see how much I need to save etc

one is resin bound paving one is resin bonded surfacing

and we have supplied the following information

Thanks for the email.  Bit of background for you.

There are two sorts of resin drives (well paths and patios as well!) one is resin bound paving one is resin bonded surfacing.  Resin bound  paving is porous ( marketed as suds compliant)  so needs a permeable sub base.  Resin bonded surfacing is not.

Resin bonded surfacing is less expensive and uses the existing surfaces such as concrete and tarmac ( and imprinted concrete). Resin bound paving is trowelled on to permeable surfaces (or should be) and is more expensive as it needs to be a greater depth on application.

With regard to a concrete drive the bonded would be our chosen product as it is an existing surface and assuming the surface is sound then resin bonded resurfacing would be perfect for this.

 The grass area would need to be excavated and depending on the use for this area as to whether you go for resin bound paving  or resin bonded surfacing.  If the surface is for foot traffic only then you could go down the route of resin bound paving using a compacted hardcore base allowing the water to permeate through (thus being declared as  suds compliant). 

 If you want to incorporate it for the vehicle use then we would advocate a concrete base  with a resin bonded surface ( incorporating the existing) making the area a uniform surface.

 There are lots of points to consider and cost is a difficult one.  The dimensions obviously to start with, the finish required and the prepwork (how good is the existing) to start with.

 As a guide the resin bonded surfacing could vary in price from £40 to £45 per sqm  ( but where the grassed area is you would need to add the cost of a concrete base ) and the resin bound paving should be more (£65 to £70).

 Do you have any pictures you can send?  Or if you want to have a chat with Simon then if you give us a call or provide your telephone number, we are more than happy to provide a free quote if you are in area.

 Will leave you to come back to us and we look forward to hearing from you“.

What we haven’t highlighted is the virtually weed free and maintenance free option available which resin bonded surfacing offers whilst  detailing one is resin bound paving one is resin bonded surfacing

So don’t be afraid it is free to talk.   Whether it is a driveway path or patio, whether it is for more garden space or less garden space, the options available nowadays are wide ranging. You don’t have to stick with concrete or tarmac.

To arrange for a free no obligation quote  or just to have a chat 01623 623986 Simon or Faith. Not sure of the options? Not sure if you need resin bonded aggregate or resin bound gravel –let us help you decide.

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