resin bonded driveway resurfacing request

March 3rd, 2015

resin bonded driveway resurfacing request

Very busy this week and it is only Tuesday!

We have been to Brimington near Chesterfield for the second time in the past two weeks.  Both customers making a resin bonded driveway resurfacing request, but both were unaware of the common interest they both expressed in resin bonded driveway resurfacing.

We were not stand alone quotes, we were one of 3.  Always good practice for a client as they can get some idea of whether it is a fair price for the job.  We usually find we are quite competitive, but we do also find that a resin bonded driveway resurfacing request can be for a resin bound driveway resurfacing request.  At this stage we always try and clarify to the customer the differences including  –

Permeability                Cost                 Depth              Maintenance


Over the past 15 years we have seen resin companies come and go and now because people are more product awarem  so the opportunity to obtain 3 quotes for a resin bonded driveway request is achievable.

Below are just a key  aspects our supplier guarantees :

Quality Assurance – manufactured to stringent procedures with every batch made  individually  only to be then quality checked by our supplier’s laboratory

Hot Melt Roller Coater  allowing our supplier to demonstrate products to customers.

Abrasion Resistance    the resistance to abrasion can be tested important for anti skid aspects

 QUV  the long term weathering performance of the resin can be tested.

 Instron   testing  to destruction means recording the Tensile Strength and Elongation once again important on commercial use.

Bomb Calorimeter  this determines the calorific values of adhesives – important for fire risk assessments


Testing Rig  This equipment is able to  assess and test stress load important for use when using a vehicle ( such as for driveways)

Nowadays there is a plethora of information, as with all things we you need to investigate and this is where the internet can advise and informso put it to good use and investigate your options for a concrete driveway path or patio.  Resin bonded, resin bound, paving, aggregate, gravel all terms used nowadays.  But beware not all materials are the same.  During my research I came across this information  about resin epoxy and pu which I thought was quite helpful.

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