Permeable driveway surface

April 25th, 2015

Permeable driveway surface

 What does a permeable driveway surface involve?

A permeable driveway surface put simply is  a surface which allows water to permeate through to the surface below.  However what is equally important is what happens then?

  •  Question – What happens if the surface below is impermeable?
  •  Answer  the permeable driveway surface can be rendered useless !
slate drainage details

permeable driveway surface

 The Driveway Expert website  says “It might be easier to start with what isn’t considered a permeable driveway surface, although it must be pointed out that the regulations don’t actually define permeable and non-permeable surfaces. Those surfaces that we can be reasonably certain are not permeable are Concrete, Tarmac and almost every sort of block or flag paving.

Having said that, larger stone or Concrete Blocks can be used for a permeable driveway surface, but only if they are laid with an absorbent substrate and there are large gaps between the flags or blocks. Those gaps need to be filled with gravel or sand to allow water to flow down into the soil below. However, it is difficult and expensive to make a driveway that is stable, so it’s best avoided in a domestic situation, particularly if you are laying the driveway yourself”   So if you have a concrete or tarmac surface

  •  Do I have to have a permeable driveway surface?

The answer put simply is no.  What you do have to do is manage the run off water.  Funnily enough this only applies to front gardens  (obviously only front gardens potential y  contribute  to floods)!

  •  Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Regulations say  permeable paving is required but  they do also allow non-permeable driveways to be installed as long as there is adequate drainage within the property.  Meaning  that run off water should be dispersed I.e. through the  ground  –  soakaway or into tanks for reuse within the property


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