resin area surfacing recommendation

April 19th, 2015

resin area surfacing recommendation

It is nice to see when the resin driveway resurfacing sector is finds an unbiased resin area surfacing recommendation.

Not sure what you guys are on about I had a Resin Bound driveway done 4 years ago and its absolutely fantastic Never seen a weed or a bit of moss EVER . Resin Bound drives are porous so the water drains straight through and into the natural water table unlike the bonded drives. My drive was about 100m2 and it cost me about £4900. As long as the levels are correct you will have no problems whatsoever I have seen some horror stories about Bonded drives where the stones come off There are loads on the internet. Not going to mention any names but Resin Bound is the only application to have as it is so hard wearing and looks wonderful. My neighbour had just had his done by the same company and paid around the same as me although had a few quotes in offering to do the job at a much cheaper price but having seen mine over the last 4 years went with the same people. You only get what you pay for I guess

Resin area resurfacing recommendations are always better when they come spontaneously.  It provides a company with an appreciation of the works completed  and service provided.

resin surfacing resin surfacing recommendation for a driveway resin surfacing resin area surfacing recommendation

The piece above gives an indication of cost but each individual job (path driveway or patio)  needs to be assessed on its own merits.  There are various factors to consider with all resin area resurfacing  works such as the levels, the purpose of the area, the condition of the area and quite importantly the suds dictates. In addition whether there is an existing and if so whether it is concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete.

We at Drive-Cote Ltd pride ourselves on offering bespoke resin area surfacing.  This means that you the client can have a kerb appeal area individual and exclusive to you and your property.

Pleasley, Church Warsop, Rise Park, Worksop, Forest Town, Baslow, Worksop, Giltbrook, Wollaton and Newton are just a few of the areas we cover.

resin area surfacing by Drive-Cote Ltd drivweway kerb appeal resin area surfacing by Drive-Cote ltd Drive-Cote resin bonded stone

To arrange for a free no obligation quote  or just to have a chat 01623 623986 Simon or Faith. Not sure of the options? Not sure if you need resin bonded aggregate or resin bound gravel –let us help you decide.

For a Resin Drive installation near you  Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Lincolnshire , Alfreton  Bakersfield  Basford, Bingham, Burbridge, Carlton, Clifton, Coventry, Dronfield, Gamston Village, Keyworth,Lichfield, New Ollerton, Northants,Pilsley, Retford, Selston, Shirland, Stanton Hill, Welton, Wingerworth.

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