simpler resin bonded driveway option

April 30th, 2015

simpler resin bonded driveway option

Whilst working with resin over the years, we have established that a simpler resin bonded driveway option is to resurface existing surfaces such as concrete.  Obviously this is if there is a surface in the first place!  And remember simpler does not mean  less effective!

We found the following on a forum and it serves to highlight the potential issues with resin bound installations.  Not just on the efficacy (if the resin bound is porous then the substrate needs to be get that wrong and everything else is wrong) but it can lead to potentially  significant possibilities possiblities such as moss and weed growth and if a surface is porous it is less tensile.

simpler resin bonded driveway option Drive-Cote Ltd simpler resin bonded driveway option  resin bonded driveway option by Drive-Cote Ltd DSCN6335

Hello all. Had a good search before posting but couldn’t find anything similar – if you are aware of this being answered before, please redirect me!

I am planning on putting down a patio finished using resin bound aggregate. The existing surface is a split of two areas: 1) secured and stable sandstone paving on mortar base, and 2) loose sand with stones (this was previously underneath a thick later of concrete that was the base of a conservatory).

The paving is approx 190mm below the level I need it to be before the resin sits on top and the sand/stone surface is approx 130mm below.

My plan is as follows, given very light traffic over the finished surface: level the sand area then compact before adding 5:1 sharp sand/cement mix. For the paving area, cover paving with plastic sheet then add either add some form of crushed hardcore/aggregate or sharp sand base, then compact it before adding same mortar mix to bring to level.

Could someone please validate my plan or tell me to tear it up and advise a better method! Any approximate heights for the levels would be gratefully received too (e.g. for the sand area, I should use 50mm of mortar so add another 80mm of compacted sharp sand before the mortar)”

We offer free and impartial advice.  We aim to offer a product –  a simpler resin bonded driveway option –  which is fit for purpose.  Whether  it is a path or patio, driveway or car parking we will only use the right product for the right surface.
We have been chatting with a local enquiry and he came to us assuming that resin bound was his option.  When we questioned the client for details,  it was apparent that our simpler resin bonded driveway option was also a potential.  The benefit being, no mess no disruption and can be completed in the same day.

Call us now  01623 623986. We are based in Mansfield .  No sales men. Contact Simon or Faith and have a chat about the options available for your concrete imprinted concrete or tarmac driveway path or patio.

We are based in Nottinghamshire but accessible to Yorkshire and Derbyshire areas.  We have completed anti slip surfacing  in Skegby,  Aspley,  Barnby Dun, Bilsthorpe, Bulwell,  Cheadle Hulme, Clay Cross, Cotgrave,Doncaster, Fleckney, Huthwaite, Leamington Spa, Mansfield Woodhouse, New Houghton, Northampton, Pentrich, Peterborough, Ravenshead, Sellers Wood, Shirebrook, Spalding, Sutton Bonnington, Toton, Warsop, Worksop

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