decorative resin detailed access

June 27th, 2015

decorative resin detailed access

For an entrance with a difference the various permutations available sometime create more of a problem than a help. Indian natural stone, paving, granite natural cobbles, block paving, honed limestone stabs, york paving, imprinted concrete, stone setts – the design of entrances available are only limited by imagination.decorative resin detailed access

A client of ours has had a new piece of tarmac installed recently.  The intention was to have an additional parking area.  The client knew the two surfaces would show variations in colour as the  difference between old  and new always stands out to begin with and the client was not concerned with regard to this.

decorative resin detailed accessThe difference in colouration was not the problem but where the old and new join –  the levels are completely wrong and a depression has developed.  This in turn holds water as tarmac is not generally permeable.

The new tarmac installed is a really good example of tarmac.  However the camber in the old tarmac has been butted up to the new creating a curved depression.  What should have happened is for the old tarmac area to be cut back to a  reasonable level area for the new tarmac to meet up to correctly.

This local client had seen an example of a decorative resin detailed access  and liked the idea of a decorative resin detailed access for their property. He had in turn seen an example of our work and wanted to have the sunken area addressed and made more level.  He could then have our resin  installed over the top to provide the uniformity.  However we did point out to the client that it would not be necessary to cover the whole area as cost needed to be considered and they  had already paid for the tarmac to be installed.

Our suggestion was to leave the majority of the existing which is in good condition, treat the indentation with our specialist filler to level out the join.  To then create a curve detail of resin resurfacing – approximately  a third of the total driveway in a contrasting colour.

Many benefits and uses can be appreciated by using resin on an existing surface and creating a decorative resin detailed access. Don’t take our word for it.  One of the most reputable  providers of quality products for use with resin   has information to help you chose the options or see a small selection of  our range of colours

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