concrete tarmac resin question

July 9th, 2015

concrete tarmac resin

A concrete tarmac resin enquiry has come through as follows

Would you give me a quote to lay black tarmac on an existing concrete driveway (very approx. 90m2) – plus, green tarmac under carport, again concrete with painted surface ( approx. 22m2).

Also, as above but with Resin Bonded surface please”

We have completed qute a few works as a result of questions such as this – concrete tarmac resin – and they  have required  quite bit of prep work if the tarmac is already in place on the conrete.

We replied as follows – “Thank you for your enquiry and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.  Tarmac is not our main product but we do have a contractor who we could ask to price if you wish but we would like to say we would not recommend laying tarmac over a concrete surface although we have seen this done on many occasions.  We deem this to be a temporary fix and it only provides a cosmetic makeover.  Many find that within a comparatively short period of time  it shells off or cracks.  This eventually leads to a loosening of the bond between the tarmac and concrete.  In addition I have noted you have a painted concrete surface which can create even more resistance to tarmac.

 A simpler and more cost effective option would be to resin bond on the surfaces you have.  Whether it is painted (as the carport is) or  not  as the driveway is,  the resin will adhere to the concrete better than any covering of tarmac.  Also with its impermeable properties it provides a more protective and durable surface.

concrete tarmac resin

 What we would do is clean down the areas and repair any cracks, potholes or surface damage.   The resin is then applied to the surface to a maximum depth of 8mm.  The resin is spread over the surface and then has a special media (chosen by you) applied.  All this can be applied in a day. 

 Our specialist polyurethane resin is designed to adhere to tarmac and concrete  – the resin bonded application came about as a result of being used on roadways – for thousands of cars a day- for anti- skid purposes. This is a benefit that tarmac onto concrete cannot  offer.  What tends to happen is the tarmac sits on the concrete and potentially can loosen and crumble.

 Based on the dimensions provided an approximately cost would be ……. for the driveway and £………….for the car port.  We have in the past completed garage floor works similar to what you are  interested in and we have some details on our website.Resin Bonded resurfacing of garage floor concrete tarmac resin

 We will leave matters with you but if you would like a free no obligation quote then please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Faith on 01623 623986.”






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