resin driveway approximate cost and advice

July 18th, 2015

resin driveway approximate cost and advice

Received this week a  request about a resin driveway approximate cost and advice

“Dear Sirs,   I have been looking at what is best maintenance free low budget driveways to have and came across your website with some cost indications. A resin drive is definitely what I want now.

Currently I have a small concrete drive that is just big enough for my four door saloon car so the resin could go on this.  However, when upgrading my driveway I would like to make it wider for the width of my house. The additional area has small lawn at approx. 4m x 5m and a concrete path behind against the front of house wall.

Therefore the current drive is 4m x 2.5M but would become 4m x 7.5m. Would your company undertake the digging/concrete prep  of where the grass currently is, so that you can provide the area of driveway I want? Alternatively, would it be better if I prepared   the grass area so that my whole front is concrete for you?

Please advise your comments and an estimated price.  I would be looking at having this done for September at the earliest”

resin driveway approximate cost and advice Drive-Cote Ltd resin driveway DSCN6552 resin bonded stone Drive-Cote Ltd works in Mansfield resin path by Drive-Cote Ltd











Quite a lot of requests and requirements  for this resin driveway approximate cost and advice.  Simon costed a few of the requirements bearing in mind the distance (about 85 miles from our base in Mansfield Notts) and replied as below


Thank you for your enquiry.  Due to the distance involved (approximately 85 miles), it  is not financially viable for Drive-Cote Ltd  to complete the extension works  and therefore this would have to completed by a  builder local to yourselves.  The extension piece would need to be trowel finished to the level of the existing surfaces. 

 After a curing period of 3-4 weeks the old and the new can then be overlaid with resin bonded stone.

 The cost of this based on your calculations would be £1500 approximately  for a natural (buff) finish.  Currently this is a popular finish and our current lead time is 8 weeks  from booking.

Our resin bonded stone works  allow a speedy installation (completed in a day) .  However with regard to the building works distance can be more of an issue, materials and

time being elements that can hold  works such as this to ransom making it less efficient to complete building works as far afield as the 85 miles distance you are from our base in Mansfield.

 If you do want to discuss matters or would like further details, please do not hesitate  to contact us”

 We have been working with resin now for a period of over 14 years and regularly get contacted for  resin driveway approximate cost and advice details.  We are more than happy to help.  Our service is not just about installing resin driveways, paths or patio’s it is about informing.

This week alone our enquiries have varied in subject matter ( can you resurface grass, we want our concrete resurfacing, how much does it cost per sqm and have been from over 115 miles to as near as Rainworth (see the images above of work we have completed this week)

Our resin driveway approximate cost and advice is free n Edwinstowe, Mansfield, Clifton, Mapperley and Calverton are just some  of the areas we cover. Anti slip and virtually maintenance free option for your concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete surface.