resin drive drainage

August 11th, 2015

resin drive drainage

What are the requirements of a resin drive drainage system?

It can be as simple as to ensure the run off water is managed if it is resin bonded stone or to make sure if it is resin bound stone that the substrate is permeable .

Suds compliance is not that you must have planning permission  but the  future planning is designed to reduce the potential of flooding on urban developments and this involves not contributing to possible flooding.

You don’t have to take our word for it a useful website with a vast range of expertise in the hard landscaping industry is the A guide to Drainage, Paving and Hard landscaping site.  The Paving Expert contains a mine of information on many aspects.  So if you want to obtain as much information to support  and help you make an in informed resin driveway  decision then look no further!  Want advice on a gradient for your driveway


The look no further than this helpful website.

However,  as simple as it can be  resin drive drainage can  also be more complicated especially if the wrong substrate is used for the wrong resin and the wrong purpose.

resin drive drainage information

Resin bound provides different benefits than resin bonded stone

Resin bonded stone  – “has a natural stone effect, which is decorative and aesthetically pleasing, and is available in a range of colours and aggregate sizes. The finished surface will be non-slip, durable, hardwearing and low maintenance with a life expectancy of 10 years in most environments

Whereas resin bound stone –“ Meets SuDS requirements (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) which is a current planning requirement designed to reduce the potential of flooding on urban developments. The open matrix of a resin Bound System allows water to drain through to the base and reduce water ponding, and this action will naturally feed any surrounding planted areas and trees”

As detailed in  this concrete and water proofing company website.

The details on this site highlight the requirement for a clear need to have the knowledge to make sure the correct  sub base is used  to ensure the correct resin drive drainage is established.

So whether you have a surface already, whether you want to extend or whether you want to resurface make sure you do your homework!.  We can help and offer free no obligation quotes and with over 14 years experience we will give you an honest answer. Paths patios or driveways, concrete tarmac or imprinted concrete we can help.

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