poor resin installations

September 23rd, 2015

poor resin installations

Poor resin installations are a more common occurrence and seem to be a little more reported on with the ever growing new resin bonded stone and resin bound aggregate installers entering the marketplace.

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However in defence not all claims of poor resin installations are as they seem .  With our resin bonded install  (using existing surfaces to provide a non permeable resurfacing option) the only requirement as far as maintenance is concerned is a stiff brush and a quick jet wash once or twice a year.  This low maintenance option can sometimes mislead visually hence the apparent poor resin installation.

We were recently called to a poor resin installation which was not as it seemed.  This client had had a resin bonded installation on his drive over 2 years ago.  The client was currently progressing a claim through the court as the installer not  Drive-Cote Ltd  we would like to point out, had not remedied the problem.  Perhaps if the company had investigated the complaint  then the claim would not have happened?

On our visit  to this Sutton in Ashfield  client he informed us that there were bald patches on the drive.


Now  a poor resin installation  can happen as resin is a very complex product and very weather and surface dictorial.   Often the resin has actually covered the required concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete surface and if there are areas in need of addressing (in most cases)   this can be  sorted with minimal time and works involved causing no issue in the long term both visually or on the integrity of the resin.

But, in this case we found on investigation that this was not one of the poor resin installations.  What was the problem?  Why would this client think the resin and installation had failed?

This resin bonded driveway needed a jetwash and a stiff brush  That was it! As simple as that!

The client has mistakenly taken embeded dirt on the driveway as being a failing in the application resulting in one of the poor resin installations.   To the untrained eye, there were bald patches, however with a jetwash and a stiff brush no problem. Dirt removed and the anti slip aggregate which sits proud of the resin was back in all its glory.


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