resin bound paving workings

September 9th, 2015

resin bound paving workings

Whilst searching through the internet (as you do)  I came across a few confused homeowners on the driveway expert  website and decided to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!)  to try and provide a little more insight into resin bound paving workings.

I Read with interest the threads in this piece and whilst not all information is strictly  correct it serves to make people aware of the complexities  of  resin, when to use resin bound paving workings and the need to be aware of the correct product for the correct surface and purpose.

Drive-Cote resin bonded works in progress DSCN6762 DSCN6763 anti slip path by Drive-Cote Ltd garden details by Drive-Cote Ltd resin bound paving works Mansfield

“Resin bonded and resin bound have different qualities.  Resin bound is permeable and in our opinion (14 years of installing) is not suitable to lay in general on a non permeable surface like EXISTING concrete or tarmac.  Suds compliance comes into play here as well  everybody seems to be of the belief that a permeable surface is a need and a must.  That is not the case –  what is important is to manage run off water which is not the same.   The structure of concrete and tarmac is the structure that takes the weight of a vehicle on a driveway so if you put a 20mm resin bound surface over the top then the resin bound (which if porous is less tensile in capability) then there is the potential for the resin to crack.  Frost lift is also mentioned which is a potential with a resin bound surface – if water can permeate then water can freeze and then when it thaws (as with potholes in tarmac) you get the frost heave.  Resin bonded is the product to use for an impermeable surface such as concrete and tarmac.  It is not permeable (as the concrete and tarmac aren’t) and therefore the water cannot feed through and therefore prevents weeds.  In addition to this there is no maintenance (well virtually no maintenance a stiff brush and jet wash once a year).  A resin bound surface encapsulates the stone and with the continual running over of tyres this will wear and need recoating.

Both resin installations are extremely viable but only when used in the correct place.  Any good company will offer free no obligation advice.  We are not affiliated to any company large or otherwise.  This does mean we are not reputable”

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