resin bonded stone advantages

October 18th, 2015

resin bonded stone advantages

Resin bonded stone advantages are different from resin bound advantages

We at Drive-Cote Ltd started our business on the basis that a lot of existing driveways- concrete and tarmac  – were  sound structurally  but  were not necessarily very attractive. In addition whilst no major structural damage was involved,  over the years the weather and the frost had taken its toll on the surface  of the drive or path – potholes in tarmac and shelling on concrete for example.

If your drive is damaged on the surface  then resin bonded stone advantages are beneficial to the existing concrete or tarmac driveway.

Resin bonded stone or aggregate is not permeable

Resin Bound stone or paving resurfacing is

Resin bonded stone is extremely naturally anti slip due to its texture

Resin bound paving is not as the resin encapsulates the stone

Resin bonded stone does not affect existing levels

Resin bound stone does affect existing levels

Resin bonded stone is less invasive on time and money

Resin bound aggregate installations require more preparation and groundworks and is more invasive on money

Resin bonded stone will resurface providing an ant- slip attractive durable and protective surface without the need to remove the existing.  We at Drive-Cote Ltd believe that the existing surfaces (concrete in  particular) are the perfect surfaces for a driveway.  And if it  is not broke don’t fix it.

Addagrip a large commercial company and they have details on their website explaining the basic differences between resin bound and resin bonded.  In addition their website explains that the correct surface underneath the resin is key. We believe the resin bonded advantages outweigh the resin bound advantages for householders.  This time last year we were posting about the weather and the wintertime closing in  and at this stage we  also highlighted the pothole situation

Many readers will see where Suds compliance is highlighted as a requirement but it is often a misconception that this means it must be permeable.  It does not –  it means that run off water must be managed. Oh and don’t forget is a surface is porous to allow water, then weeds can grow.

That can mean having correct falls on the surface, or drainage channels installed and yes having a permeable surface but a permeable surface is not a must, merely an option availalable.

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