resin bound or a resin bonded surface

November 12th, 2015

resin bound or a resin bonded surface

Local enquiry querying whether to go for a resin bound or a resin bonded surface. The client had already had a quote for resin bound paving but was a little confused as to how that would work with the resin bound being permeable and the tarmac he has in place being impermeable.

The quoting company had said that the permeable resin bound surfacing would allow the water to permeate and infiltrate through and then would just drain away naturally. The caller had been mulling over the options and then came to us for a bonded quote. During the course of our conversation he did highlight the fact that he already had puddles and that was one of his concerns. There was a backfall to his property so if as the quoting company says, it drains away it would all fall to his property which would actually create different problem.

In our conversation I would say it wasn’t that the permeable resin bound company were necessarily incorrect on their idea. They may well have intended to install aco drainage across the front of his property to catch the excess water but he did not seem to be aware that this may be an option. His main concern was that as he already had puddles then that would mean the fall is not correct to ensure drainage, so if the water sits under the resin bound then it is only the top surface that is permeable. So surely the permeability is not as efficient was his understanding.
There is no quick fast fix for drainage and permeable surfaces. One shoe does not fit all. It depends if your budget is restricted, it depends if you want a weed free and anti slip option. It depends if run off water and/or the fall to the surface is correct.

Here at Drive-Cote Ltd we try and provide as much information as possible. We take each installation on its own merits. It is not just a case of a resin bound or a resin bonded surface – your choice. More a resin bound or a resin bonded surface which is the right and best choice for your driveway and the surface in question.
Kimberley, Brampton, Wingerworth, Bonsall , Ravenshead, Killamarsh, Ravenshead, Kirkby in Ashfield, Mansfield callus for an example of our works near to you.  Anti slip and virtually weed and maintenace free.


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