driveway rust spots

January 27th, 2016

driveway rust spots

Over two years ago we detailed a post on our website about driveway rust spots  problems.  This week we have had contact from a client of another company asking for advice with regard to this.

Originally our first encounter with rust spots was over 10 years ago when we were using a particular media and for a number of years  this  media was not an issue.   All our  products, materials and installs are monitored and assessed on a regular basis.  This ensures the best quality and fit for purpose installs for our  driveways paths and patios.

resin bonded stone advantages

Drive-cote Ltd resin path and step detail

However as the stone granule  is a natural product it can vary from supply to supply. The granules we were using over 10 years ago developed changes in the amount of oxide content which could have been for a number of reasons.   As the aggregate is sourced from the ground there is no uniformity to the oxide content.  The weather  can have an effect for example.

We favour the use of resin bonded applications on driveways which means the aggregate sits proud of the resin.  When the surface got wet in areas where there was a high oxide content it meant that the oxide leached out causing rust spots. As a result of this we investigated with our supplier coming to the conclusion that the best way forward was  to not use this particular media.  It was not faulty but depending on the amount of oxide it could look unattractive  recovering being the only solution.

This week is the first time we have heard about any driveway rust spots for some time and in conversation with the caller he did highlight that he was not local and that it was a bound install.


The bound install should mean that the granule is encapsulated in the resin so we were a little confused about the leaching as really the resin should have prevented the stone having contact with water and these driveway rust spots should not have developed.  We have suggested that he return to the installer and ask for a written report with regard to this to clarify a little more.  It was still early stages with regard to the investigation as to how to correct the situation and as the application was only 6month previous he was under guarantee.

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