resin path preparation

January 31st, 2016

Resin path preparation

Resin path preparation works can vary from surface to surface considering various aspects i.e condition, whether it is concrete or tarmac and even the position of the path.

resin path preparation by Drive-Cote Ltd DSCN6526 Drive-Cote Ltd Mansfield resin bonded works DSCN3469

Preparation works are key to the longevity and quality of the resin bonded resurfacing install. The prep work can regulate, strengthen and protect the existing surface (concrete, tarmac, imprinted concrete all having different dictates) and this in turn ensures the resin application is correctly installed.
All surfaces such as tarmac, concrete and imprinted concrete (solid and monolithic) have a certain amount of porosity, permeability and unevenness and the preparation works can make or break a resurfacing application. What is also key is the existing surface – how structurally sound is this? Is it just superficially damaged, are there tree roots affecting the area? These can all affect the efficacy of a resin install. It is a little like when you paint something, you may need to sand the surface and clean it to ensure the best bond between the existing surface and the new paint applied. With a driveway path or patio a “key” surface is also a necessary.

Part of our resin path preparation work involves using a rapid setting specialist waterproof filler and levelling compound. Why you may ask? Resin is quite a complex but versatile product but if used with unsuitable products can react, which in turn creates a lack of adhesion. We need to ensure that any cracks and holes in the concrete or tarmac are filled prior to the application. Resin path preparation work can differ from driveway prep work. A path is for foot traffic and therefore has a lesser strength requirement in comparison to a driveway which (usually) takes a vehicle weight.
As with all our works a site visit is a must. We can always provide an approximate cost but we would need to view the existing surface. Free quotes. Mansfield, Ashfield, Ilkeston, Swanwick, Chesterfield, Ripley, Nottingham, Derby, Heanor, New Houghton, Clay Cross, Carlton, Annesley Woodborough and Clifton. Weed free, anti slip and virtually maintenance free. Resin bonded stone installs use the existing surface as the base. No mess no disruption. For an impressive and anti slip surface call Drive-Cote Ltd

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