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March 13th, 2016

impermeable resin

Lots of enquiries this week from pool surrounds to concrete and grassed areas in need of addressing with  impermeable resin bonded aggregate.

Unfortunately one was in Tiverton and the other one in Liverpool, so not really feasible for Drive-Cote to complete.  However a quote in Nuthall and one to complete Kirkby in Ashfield may prove to be potential.

impermeable resin Mansfield based Drive-Cote Ltd

Resin installs always depend on the surfaces already down but also includes the needs of the potential customers and funds available and that is just some of the considerations.

We pride ourselves at Drive-Cote Ltd on assessing each individual case on its own merits and just as importantly providing an honest service. If it is not the right option then we won’t quote.

We always highlight to our enquiries that there are two options of resin installations available. One being porous (permeable resin) one non porous (impermeable resin) both being dependant on the needs or purposes of the client/surface.  All our advice is free, our quotes are free and we try to be honest and open at all times.

There is no wrong or right just a correct product for the correct purpose.

For instance no matter how permeable a surface is if the correct substrate is not in place it won’t permeate fully and can be a potential for the freeze thaw process.

We at Drive-Cote have a preference for impermeable resin installs for a number of reasons including

  • No weeds
  • Uses existing surface
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Doesn’t affect existing levels.

All of which are less applicable to impermeable resin.impermeable resin

Weeds can get a hold on the resin bound surface (permeable paving)  – they can embed in the resin and as a result of this damage the surface.

Using existing surfaces (concrete and tarmac which are impermeable)  for resin bound surfaces means you are putting a porous on to a non porous so where does the water permeate to creating a need to ensure that the correct falls, correct substrate and/ or drainage is in place.

Maintenance is a need for bound installs, clearing of debris and ensuring weeds do not achieve weed growth.  Moss and algae are more prevalent as like weeds with a porous surface they can get a grasp on the surface and create a slippy surface.

Resin bonded stone which is an impermeable surface does not affect existing levels as it is only about 5-8mm in depth on install.  However being a tough and durable surface (used for anti slip surfacing on roadways) it is well above spec and requirements of a residential driveway path or patio).

It would be nice to be able to say that the perfect driveway path or patio surface exists but that is not the case.  Just as an example if you hate the idea of maintenance then consider the fact that imprinted concrete and block paving both need maintenance.



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