correct resin aggregate

April 30th, 2016

correct resin aggregate – How important is it?

VERY important to use the correct resin aggregate is the answer!

The correct resin aggregate can make or break a job.  The size and the quality of the aggregate is extremely important and one such supplier of aggregates is Derbyshire Aggregates who for the last 30 years have provided for pebble dashing and also supplied chippings and landscape aggregates for paths and drives. This then led them  onto specialist and coloured aggregates which in due course led into the resin bonded and bound markets in the UK  needing clean, dry, hard, coloured aggregates of a high quality and consistency.

Derbyshire Aggregates are one of the specialist suppliers we use due to their reliability and quality.


Earlier in the year we talked about rust spots which in the past have been an issue and it is extremely important that your installer is aware of the potential issues with using the incorrect resin aggregate.

We advised the client to return to the installer and we have been updated as follows

“Afternoon Faith, I would appreciate if you could inform Simon that the drive surface will be recovered and re-laid.  Company who supplied aggregate will re supply for free and the company that laid the drive will also perform all work for free. Good result but shame it occurred in first place. Please thank Simon for his knowledgeable and sound advice.  The problem is with one of the aggregates containing iron!! Will choose a different colour this time. Original colour is a honey/oatmeal type colour. All the best”

 If the correct resin aggregate had been used in the first place it would have saved time, money and a concerned customer.  Having said that it is a credit to the company concerned as they are remedying the situation and will now be using the correct resin aggregate.

There are various remedies to remove rust spots but generally if the actual media has the metals incorporated in it (such as the one used here)  you will not be able to remove the rust spots as they will continue to leach due to the oxidation if the metal in the aggregate.

Recovering with the correct resin aggregate is the only real solution.  Whether it is a resin bonded stone or resin bound installation.

Mansfield, Southwell, Tibshelf, Huthwaite, Ripley Ollerton, Wellow, Swanwick, Somercotes and  Chesterfield call for a free quote.  Not sure of the finish you would like? Ask away.

Resin bonded stone and aggregate finishes can protect and ensure longevity of your exiswting surface.

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