resin bound driveway odour and staining

April 24th, 2016

resin bound driveway odour and staining

Recently we have had cause to discuss another installers works as a result of a phone call we received in connection with Resin bound driveway odour and staining.  The caller had had a recent install and now she said the resin bound driveway odour and staining and not disappeared (as she had been advised it would)

We are not in the job of criticising other companies, installers or works but when we are faced questions about a resin bound driveway odour and staining it does give us the opportunity to highlight how temperamental resin can be!    And in the wrong hands this is can be compounded.

The lady and her neighbour had had an install of resin bound aggregate and as you will see from our answers below this helps to identify why

  • The smell is there
  • The resin bound driveway has not cured
  • The resin bound install has staining

Apologies for the delay in putting details down with regard to your resin bound driveway odour and staining but please find as follows

 Just a few opinions as per our conversation of Tuesday 29 March 2016.

Firstly, you stated that yours and your neighbours resin bound driveways had not only been completed in the winter months which we not normally advocate and in fact the install was in wet conditions.  Wet and heavy moisture content do no go with resin based products which should as a rule be laid in temperatures above 5° c and in dry conditions – hence non curing.

P1000652 P1000653 P1000655 Resin bound driveway odour and staining

You mentioned heavy staining and this could be as a result of the water emulsifying with the resin giving a milky appearance due to an install in wet weather

The fumes we can only think are relevant to the type of resin used.  We use a polyurethane product which is totally odour free and best suited to domestic applications but epoxy was the original resin and this may be the reason for the smell.

Hope this helps with the issue you have with the installs, but we do recommend returning to your installer for further help”. 

We have been installing residential resin for over 15 years now.  There will always be potential issues with resin due to lack of knowledge for example, poor surface prep, humidity, poor substrate or even incompatible surface – block paving being a good example.

Finally, there is always the chance that the resin is defective but with a quality installer and supplier this is not a common occurrence.

Resin is currently available as a DIY product but just remember the above!  But at the same time look at where resin can be used!  To coin a phrase “the posiblities are endless

Feel free to look through our website and view recently completed works.

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