resin installation advice

April 12th, 2016

resin installation advice

We at Drive-Cote pride ourselves on honest answers to questions we are asked.  No dodging the bullet so to speak!

This week we have been discussing the options and the pros and cons and we have tried to provide honest resin installation advice.  Whether it is for resurfacing concrete, imprinted concrete tarmac or block paving.  The truth of the matter is is that no surface is perfect.  It is down to the right product for the correct purpose.  A local Nottingham enquiry for resin installation advice prompted  a few rather lengthy discussions and meets.

The result of our resin installation advice?  well read for yourself and see what you think.

To confirm as requested details as follows  – To  repair and resurface existing concrete driveway in 1-3mm silver grey granite Resin Bonded stone   At a reduced price of £

On receipt of   your confirmation of the order we can order your materials and progress the works.   The preparation work can be completed with a settling and assessment period being allowed (as per the detail below) with the resin bonded install being completed after this.

Please note we are aware of your concerns about the potential for standing water on the driveway when the resin bonding has been completed.  Unfortunately until works are carried out we cannot tell the full extent of potential puddling that may occur and unless a driveway is on a slope a certain amount of small puddling is a possible.  Having said that these can usually be overcome by drilling a drain hole in any puddling areas to allow water to filter through.  Once the resin driveway installation is completed we can assess further and  if required  we would be more than happy to install the drainage holes at no extra charge.

In certain instances it is possible to install an eco drainage channel however this would be subject to an additional cost to yourself (approximately £200-£300) but we would provide any resin repairs required at our own cost.

resin installation advice DSCN2108 rtesin bonded stone by Drive-Cote Ltd DSCN2412

We can prep, fill and level where possible in the near future (once the deposit above is paid).  And after allowing a couple of weeks to monitor the drainage we should then be able to see if there are any small puddles (meaning a further reassessment  prior to the installation)  and then complete  further minor leveling if required prior to the install. One of the key benefits of our resin bonded installations is the overall impermeability resin bonded aggregate provides.  If water cannot permeate through then this prevents weed growth, protects the existing surface, eliminates the need to remove the existing surface and at the same time provides an attractive and extremely durable surface.  Should you wish to discuss any aspect then please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Faith on the above number”

However if you are looking for a permeable surface resin bonded stone is not the way to go.  The point with all our advice is is that we offer honest advice.

Mansfield, Ashfield, Southwell, Ripley, Alfreton, Stonebroom, Morton, Pilsley, Tibshelf.  Call now and see if we can help you.  If our product is not right for you then we won’t install it.  No salesman just Simon or Faith!   Remember concrete tarmac, imprinted concrete or  tarmac  (which can be particularly susceptible to damage – think about potholes)   are tough surfaces but they do not last forever.

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