resin resurfacing back spot solution

May 13th, 2016

Resin resurfacing black spot solution

We have been called out this week to a local job to provide a resin resurfacing back spot solution treatment.  What you may say, is a resin resurfacing black spot solution install?

Exactly what we thought!

This client from Mansfield had had a beautiful indian sandstone patio completed.  On inspection of the site it was quite an impressive install and was a real good quality install but it did have very minor marks.

resin resurfacing back spot solution

Even though  it was only 9 years old it had developed a black spot infestation.  We are extremely loathe to actually cover it as this was an expensive durable attractive and hardwearing install and in our opinion was still looking good.

The crux of the matter is,  is that the clients are not happy with the black spot infestation and feel that during the forthcoming years the treatment required to maintain the patio and to prevent deterioration further,  will be too much for them. In addition our clients had done quite a lot of research and had seen reports on the potential  that over the years the lichen could spread all over  and that the whole surface could become infested.  We did highlight however that this would be over a long period of time

Our resin resurfacing is designed to use existing surfaces but usually we find that the surface is in more need of resurfacing than this clients.  We found reports in various places with regard to the lichen and its liking for indian sandstone which our resin resurfacing black spot solution will eliminate.


We believe in honesty and have discussed this with the client, but they are adamant they want to eliminate this potential regular maintenance requirement and feel that our resin bonded stone will provide the relief required.

resin resurfacing back spot solution

There are various remedies or treatments to manage this and what should be remembered is that most external surfaces require some form of maintenance but  some more than others.

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