Mansfield red resin driveway referral

June 10th, 2016

Mansfield red resin driveway referral

We completed a large red resin bonded stone driveway project in Mansfield over 10 years ago and today we received a red resin driveway referral.  10 years down and this client has really cared for her driveway!

Mansfield red resin driveway referral

As one of the longest standing resin installation companies in the Nottinghamshire area we are proud to be able to talk about works we have completed over 10 years ago.

We had a visit from a local resident who had knocked on the door of the Mansfield red resin driveway referral property to find out:

  1. What it was?
  2. What the client thought of it?
  3. Where could they get in touch with the Company who installed it (Drive-Cote Ltd)!
  4. How long had it been down?
  5. Did it require any maintenance?

The answers being

  1. Resin
  2. Well impressed
  3. and 01623 623986
  4. Over 10 years
  5. No just a stiff brush and jet wash once a year.

This  red resin driveway referral we believe is an unbiased reflection of the credibility of the product and of Drive-Cote Ltd itself.  This week we have completed in the local area (Sutton in Ashfield)  and already we have received an email which reads as follows

“Hi Simon,

Please thank the guys for doing a really good job with the front, side and rear!

The entire property looks completely different bringing various disjointed areas together as one. So much better.

I have used the half a bag of spare chippings on the rockery….what a difference this has made. Would it be possible to purchase three bags of chippings from you in order to complete the task?


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Obviously we were  happy to supply the additional chippings free of charge!

Resin installations have been around now for some 15 years and with this Mansfield red resin driveway referral  this week and an email from a previous client (Nottingham this time) wanting  us to complete additional works it has been  a very busy time for us.

If you want to view works completed near you or to find out where this Mansfield red resin driveway referral project is call Drive-Cote Ltd Simon or Faith 01623 623986. Concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete we can resurface

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