unusual resin bonded gravel quote Nottingham

August 30th, 2016

Unusual resin bonded gravel quote yesterday in the Rise Park area of Nottingham.

The customer had a concrete patio area laid 6-8 years ago which they then had professional tiled using small  (internal) ceramic floor tiles.  The patio area  for this unusual resin bonded gravel quote in total is about 80 sqm.

From a distance and on first impression this looked very stylish with a Mediterranean look highlighted by additional details.  Three round mosaics.

On close inspection however it appears that the tiles are hollow underneath with quite a number of the tiles being actually loose (you could physically lift them). The ingress of water over time had frozen and then thawed which had damaged the bond with the tile and the concrete.

unusual resin bonded gravel quote Nottingham

The tiles surprisingly though do not really show any major signs of damage which is surprising bearing in mind they were for internal use.

Our recommendation for this unusual resin bonded gravel quote

is to strip back all of the tiles and possibly save for reuse internally and clean up the concrete base.  We would then recommend a curing time for the base to dry out naturally before any further works are completed.

Once dried out we could then use the base as a surface for our resin bonded stone installation. Remedial works completed we will then seal the concrete prior to any install.


The client had decided to have the works completed as not only had the loose tiles become a bit of a trip hazard, the actual walking surface of the tiles was extremely slippery.  Coupled with the clients increasing restricted mobility and the need for a low maintenance surface.

As we regularly highlight one of the key benefits of our resin bonded gravel install is the anti slip property  because the granules sit proud of the surface and it is a specialist media. The most common size of granules for a Resin Bonded driveway, path or patio is 2-5mm.  This size gives maximum grip and anti slip  properties though out all seasons.  We advise and guide with the most suitable granule for each project.

This unusual resin bonded gravel quote  came as a result of projects we have already completed in the same street some years ago.  No two enquiries are ever the same and this project serves to highlight this.  We will update with this project as the existing surface is quite different than the norm.

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