Varying resin driveway surface suitability

August 28th, 2016

Varying resin driveway surface suitability

On our Drive-Cote Ltd website we have a form interested enquirers can complete.  On submission of this form it can Drive-Cote Ltd  the opportunity to discuss varying resin driveway surface suitability options.

Varying resin driveway surface suitability options are different for every job we discuss because of :-

The size of the existing surface

The access to the  required surface wanting a resin bonded install

The preferences of the client

The dictates of the site

The dictates of the local area

and most importantly

The suitability.

A recent enquiry  as an  example where the client had a mix of surfaces (tarmac and block paving) and they wanted to combine the two areas.  They had investigated online forums and websites with regard to the possible  options with regard to the varying resin driveway surface suitability choices.  (Please remember not all info is correct but it does serve to raise pertinent questions).  The client had researched on the internet with regard to the options for the block paved area as it had sunk (solid monolithic surfaces such as tarmac and concrete do not have the same issues with vehicle  support as block paving does)

Some clients have a budget to work to and some clients have no idea of potential cost and we are quite happy to explain and try and work with either.

Varying resin driveway surface suitability

Our resin bonded resurfacing is exactly what it says –  resin – bonded -resurfacing.  It is designed to work with existing solid monolithic surfaces such as tarmac and concrete.  Key benefits being

  • No removal of the existing as it uses the existing
  • Anti slip
  • No mess and disruption
  • Can be completed in a day
  • Attractive and durable.
  • Cost effective

The varying driveway surface suitability of this particular enquiry proved not to be a cost effective option nor would it be a no mess no disruption option.

The reasons being that the existing block paving would have to be removed and a new concrete or tarmac surface installed (30sqm) and this is quite a costly consideration and then the cost of the resin  together with the mess and disruption involved.

Our suggestion to this client was that he retains the tarmac (as this was perfectly fine and sound) but has the block paving removed for a solid concrete or tarmac surface to be installed.

We would recommend tarmac in this case as freshly laid it can be an attractive and purposeful install.  To add interest and to incorporate the already installed area we suggested a block paved or edged detail. This would mean that if the client wanted resin bonded gravel to resurface at a later stage then we could assist.  However with the potential detail as suggested for this entrance,   resin would not be an immediate necessary.

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