resin bonded specialist installs

September 26th, 2016

Mansfield resin bonded specialist installs by Mansfield based Drive-Cote Ltd

We have provided resin bonded specialist installs for over 15 years now and every time we finish a job it feels like a job well done!

Not only from the satisfaction of completing a transformation but for the fact that one more of our  resin bonded specialist installs will extend and protect an existing old /tired and damage surface. In addition to this the finished result is an attractive, durable and anti slip surface.

We have a gallery of completed jobs showing the “before and after”.  These can show you what a difference a day can make if you are looking to change your driveway path or patio.

As a local business we pride ourselves on providing value for money.  We believe that using a local business for resin bonded specialist installs can offer better communication, a personal service and a more realistic install time.

Using tried and tested techniques and reliable suppliers we can be confident with our product.  Resin is an extremely sensitive product if not handled carefully.  Moisture in the aggregate can create white patches and effect the efficacy of the install for eg if the incorrect aggregate is used and it has not been cured adequately. These white patches indicate this but sometimes can take a number of weeks to show.

We always use dried aggregates to mix with the resin material from our specialist supplier to ensure that no moisture is in the aggregate.

The resin is obviously a key ingredient and a substandard batch can create additional issues such as poor quality adhesion.  However that is not to say that nothing is fool proof, and things do sometimes go wrong.  Our ethic is that if this does happen on the rare occasion then remedying the issue is a must.

Resin bonded stone requires virtually no maintenance and provides an anti slip surface.  An attractive and durable addition giving you kerb appeal.

Balderton, Newark, Mansfield, Ashfield, Shirland, Alfreton Stonebroom.  If its  not broke don’t fix it. Resurface it.

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