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September 30th, 2016

tarmac resin resurfacing East Midlands by Drive-Cote Ltd

If its is not broke don’t fix it!  So if your tarmac is still sound don’t remove,  reuse it!  Tarmac resin resurfacing East Midlands.

tarmac resin resurfacing East Midlands

We have been working with tarmac resin resurfacing for over 15 years .   Why tarmac resurfacing?  Well  if you really considered the work involved in installing a tarmac drive or path you would understand why we like to work with tarmac. (Concrete too but we are not talking about concrete today).

Excavation -after the setting out  work is completed, the ground is cleared and excavated to formation level

Laying Edgings -necessary to retain the tarmac at a free edge as crumbling and falling apart is a potential especially when vehicles are allowed on the surface

Sub Base- good solid and well compacted

Regulating – to level areas where possible

Binder Course – The  first of the two tarmac layers used in a typical footpath or residential driveway

Surface Course – Finally the surface course and then completion and making good.

All this points are important to ensure the longevity and durability of your tarmac driveway, path or patio.  Which in turn means that some 20 or 30 years down the line you would be able to look for a tarmac resin resurfacing quote from Drive-Cote Ltd!

tarmac resin resurfacing East Midlands

Common sense should tell us that if  you want to stand a vehicle on a surface it needs to be a good solid base and when laid correctly that is exactly what you will get if your installer applied best practices for driveways.

Tarmac resin resurfacing of the resin bonded ant slip surfacing has been used on major roads for the last 20 years.  For demarcation purposes, anti slip purposes and decorative requirements.tarmac resin resurfacing East Midlands

Tarmac and concrete have long been the product for durability, stability and for solid quality tensile strength.

Take a look at the Paving expert website – specialist in paving and hard landscaping works.  Don’t take our word for it.

Mansfield, Arnold, Warsop, Shirland, Stonebroom, Shirebrook, Tibshelf, Westhouses, Alfreton Swanwick Codnor, Ilkeston, Heanor ring to find an example of tarmac resin resurfacing East Midlands.

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