Warsop resin bonded gravel access by Drive-Cote Ltd Mansfield

September 18th, 2016

Warsop resin bonded gravel access

This week a Warsop resin bonded gravel access was a priority

This client only had a small resin bonded gravel access requirement.  The driveway was an old tarmac driveway in need of anti slip resurfacing.  This elderly couple wanted to minimise any future driveway maintenance issues and decided that our resin bonded gravel access resurfacing would benefit the driveway and the clients themselves  for the future.

We also had an enquiry this week  from Hertfordshire.  The caller had seen a forum we had  commented on.  Unfortunately, the enquiry was not within our radius. We can only work realistically and effectively within a 60 miles of our base here Mansfield.

resin bonded gravel anti slip

We have this week completed another local job this time in Belper.  The resin bonded gravel access requirement was very important to this client being a wheelchair user.  The existing surface in place was very uneven and the tarmac was degraded.  It was also damaged around manholes all of which were repaired prior to the application.  Certain areas had also dropped around the entrance ramp where water was gathering.  Part of our preparation works were to build up with our specialist remedial compound.  This then graded the slope and diverted the gathering water to a more suitable area.

Resurfaced and completed in a day. No mess and no disruption.  Other driveway installs do not have the same benefits as a resin bonded gravel access drive.  As it seals further the already impermeable surface it prevents the ingress and absorption of water.  This mean weeds and seeds cannot grow up nor can they embed in the existing surface. No weeds no maintenance.  Well virtually.  As an external surface it is vulnerable to the elements.  However, our resin bonded aggregate is designed for commercial purposes and therefore is well above driveway specification.

Ask to see a drive like this Warsop resin bonded gravel access near you.  Mansfield, Warsop, Ashfield, Bolsover, Brinsley, Hucknall, New Houghton, Kirkby in Ashfield. Mansfield based  Drive-Cote Ltd.

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