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October 23rd, 2016

informative resin driveway company

Informative resin driveway company is what we at Drive-Cote Ltd aim to be.  We pride ourselves on being honest.  Not only in our projects but in our information.

We do not profess to having  the perfect solution to a problem you may have but what we do try and do is offer honest answers and be an informative resin driveway company.  We pride ourselves on posting as much information as possible to allow home owners to make informed decisions.

We have recently been contacted by a homeowner who had a few question with regard to a cold call to resin his driveway.

Informative resin driveway company

And as part of our informative resin driveway company policy we provided  as follows:


“ I have just received a quotation from a “cold call” to resin my drive & paths total square metres of 176 onto a good concrete drive and sound paving slabs. £7,000 to include some blocks next to a lawn.  Is this a fair price or are they missing something out please. What would be your approx price?”

Drive-Cote Ltd

Thanks for the email.  I will be honest  we have not heard of them in the resin industry, but there are lots of companies popping up. So it  could be a new company or perhaps it is a different arm to an existing company.  That aside have they quoted you for resin bonded (impermeable)  or resin bound (permeable) do you know?


Good morning Faith, Thank you for your reply. All I know is that they put liquid & aggregate in a mixer and then lay it by hand on the drive. I trust this will help you with providing an approx price. Kind regards”

Drive-Cote Ltd

Thanks for the info and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. If the company use a mixer to agitate the resin and aggregate together, they will be installing resin bound gravel.

We would not put resin bound (permeable) on an impermeable surface (concrete).  The idea with resin bound is that it is classed as porous paving which is advocated by a lot of the local authorities as it can manage run off water from driveway and hard landscaping areas.  However the concern we have with this is that it is important to establish where the run off water will go once it permeates through? If it sits between the two surfaces then it has the opportunity to cause problems in winter time with the freeze thaw process.

The resin bound installation  you have been quoted for appears to be priced at just under £40 per sqm.  For resin bound  this is an extremely “good” price so a few questions needs to be asked in our opinion.  If it is a start up company do they now what they are doing?  Have they priced it correctly?  On the other hand if it is a local small business, they may be able to price this competitively to keep a business running.  Or it may not be a very good price in the long run.

We have been installing for 15 years now and our price for completing the works in resin bonded (not bound) would be approximately  £45 per sqm.  ( 176 x £45 = £7920.00 )  Resin bound works under normal circumstances would mean removing the existing surface and then to have resin bound laid onto a compacted hardcore base.  This would be about £60 per sqm (176 x £60 = £10, 560.00)  with the additional cost to remove the existing concrete and dispose of the waste.  

Our suggestion would be to ask further questions for eg  ask where they are based?  What about the  about the porosity for eg. Installing onto a concrete surface?  Also if your existing levels are fine, then laying resin bound onto the concrete means an additional surface  depth of approximately 18mm which means it would sit proud so edgings may need to be sorted (although you talk of block paved edges so they could be looking at rebedding these to accommodate this).

Resin bonded which is what we primarily work with  is applied differently and designed to work off existing surface such as concrete and tarmac and as such resurface.

 If its not broke don’t fix it! Is what we say.

The reason we work with concrete and tarmac is that it is pretty tough stuff. Used on roadways and for house building and footings.  Our product resin bonded stone is not designed to be a stand alone product.  Resin bound is a porous product and potentially less tensile than concrete and tarmac and if used as a stand alone surface, we would question the capability to withstand a heavy vehicle for example.

You need to investigate further with regard to this costing and any credible company should be able to justify and qualify what they do and their price.

Hope this helps but if you need any further info then please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are not here to condemn any other company but we do try to be an Informative resin driveway company ”.

So if you live in Stonebroom, Morton, Shirebrook, Oxton, Southwell, Kirkby in Ashfield, Chesterfield, Hasland, Arnold or any other area local to Mansfield where we are based call Drive-Cote Ltd  and get honest answers to your driveway path or patio problems from an informative resin driveway company.

Remember block paving, concrete, imprinted concrete, slabs and tarmac no all surfaces should be resurfaced.  Resin is not the answer to all surfaces.  However resin bonded stone can offer an anti slip, durable and virtually weed free and maintenance free  resurfacing alternative to having the existing surface removed.  Free quotations.

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