resin bonded anti slip surfacing Nottingham

November 20th, 2016

Resin bonded anti slip surfacing Nottingham

Winter time is fast approaching and over the past few years we have posted on the anti slip properties  and benefits of a resin bonded driveway, path and patios.  So we thought it was a good time highlight and reinforce the advantages.  So whether you have a driveway path or patio whether it is a level area or a slope resin bonded stone will extend the life of your existing surface.  In addition it will offer an attractive and virtual maintenance free option

In January 2014 we talked about a imprinted concrete resurfacing enquiry and detailed as follows

This request stems back to a conversation we had with an enquiry over 2 years ago.  During t

resin bonded anti slip surfacing Nottingham

hat time they have been contemplating their options.  A large expanse of imprinted concrete (adjoining to the neighbours property) has been causing them issues.  They have sealed and tried to anti slip the area but so far have been unsuccessful in creating what they considered to be a safe walking area.

Whilst this surface is structurally sound and there are no issues on this aspect and even more sadly it is a new and recently installed surface (less than 5 years), it is a problem to these customers.

We have now been called in to provide resurfacing slippy imprinted concrete surfaces options for this customer.  We have yet to view the area, but have been able to google and can see straight away the issues.  If there had been an area left as a walkway then they may not be in this position

And on looking back further we also did a post in January 2013 about another imprinted concrete resurfacing job and we were able to provide before and after images.

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