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February 28th, 2017

proven resin bonded works

We had a potential customer this week requesting a visit as a result of a referral.  Not the usual type as this enquiry had come through as a result of our proven resin bonded works.

They had recently moved into a Nottingham property in Tollerton.  The property was already benefiting from our resin bonded stone previous installed about 6 years ago.  The resin bonded aggregate had been installed on a large concrete area on a side elevation.  This proven resin bonded works had impressed the the new occupants that much that they contacted the previous owners to obtain our details.

We have now booked into quote to match the proven resin bonded works to incorporate  the driveway in the same finish as the original.


The choice of available colours has widened extensively and with our suppliers of both the resin and the special aggregate being local we are confident of our product and the installation.

So if you want to view an proven resin bonded works close to you call for a free quote.

Can be completed in a day

No skips necessary

No mess and disruption

Providing a virtually weed and maintenance free option for concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete

Anti slip with a choice of natural or coloured finishes.


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