resin bound driveway base comparison Nottingam

February 26th, 2017

resin bound driveway base comparison

Sawley near Long Eaton has been the area to visit for Drive-Cote Ltd this week. 

The call for a visit was for advice with regard to a resin install already in place at the callers home address.  This resin bound surface had been completed over 6 years ago and was causing some concern for the client as there was a vast difference between two halves of his driveway.

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One section of the resin driveway had weathered a lot better than the other in this homeowners opinion and only on a site visit did we realise why.  One section of the resin in this resin bound driveway base comparison had less moss, weed and algae growth than the other side.  On first impressions you would have said that they were completely different installs. Or at least had been installed at  a different time but this was not the case.

On speaking with the homeowner we realised the reason were having to call to view and assess the resin bound driveway base comparison – one section was based on an original base of concrete and the other was a hardcore compacted and free draining base. This highlighted the difference between the two.

resin bound driveway base comparison Nottingam P1000792 Steps using resin bonded gravel resin bonded stone by Drive-Cote ltd

As a result of the free draining hardcore base the water had permeated through the resin bound surface (as is the quality of the resin bound applications) and therefore caused less moss/weed/algae formation.

The other half of the drive had more moss/algae/weeds because whilst the resin bound gravel is porous the concrete is not! 

This client was quite disappointed with the look of his drive and is hoping we can offer a solution by installing our resin bonded stone over the two sections.

Not one of our normal installs and not one we can say a definite yes to without further considerations.   One school of thought at present is to have the surface cleaned and any moss and algae removed.  We can then reassess the surface then.

Resin has increased in popularity over the years as it can be an attractive and durable option, however if installed incorrectly like any external surface it will not stand up to the elements and may well be false economy.

This resin bound driveway base comparison request is not something we get very often, however if you want any advice or guidance please do not hesitate to contact Drive-Cote Ltd. 

Concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete (and even paving slabs for non vehicular areas) we can resurface providing a virtually weed and maintenance free option.

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