resin paving edging requirements

April 30th, 2017

resin paving edging requirements

For a resin bonded resurfacing option there are no special resin paving edging requirements unlike resin bound paving which usually does.

Resin paving edging requirements are not a necessary with resin bonded applications  as one of the benefits of a resin resurfacing project with the resin bonded install is the fact that it does not affect exisiting levels.  Key and extremely important for the end product so it does not affect access to gates and doors for example, or more importantly drainage.

Resin paving edging requirements differ with resin bound stone applications as this is applied on a deeper level so ultimately it can affect existing levels, access and drainage.

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We have recently completed a small commercial project in Sheffield and this client wanted an anti slip option in addition to the resurfacing needs.

Due to the speed of application and curing time this created minimal mess and disruption and as it was an access way, minor hindrance in accessing the site.  No resin paving edging requirements for this neat little project.  Don’t forget resin bonded aggregate  can extend and protect the original surface. As the resin is an impermeable product it prevents the ingress of water and therefore reduces deterioration of the existing concrete or tarmac.

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