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February 17th, 2018

resin stone option

We at Mansfield based Drive-Cote Ltd have been operating for nearly 18 years and during this time we have seen companies come and go.  A resin stone option for your driveway, path or patio can be open to all sorts of variations of suitability from different companies.

We would like to say we can offer a 20 year guarantee but we can’t and don’t profess to. The questions to ask is to what extent is the guarantee offered – have they been trading 20 years? Will they be trading in 20 years?  Does it cover the materials only or the install as well (perhaps these questions should be applied to any sort of extensive guarantee)?  We at Drive-Cote Ltd are a small personable local company offering a resin stone option, we do not sub contract and we do not employ the services of other Companies.  Our suppliers are long standing and reputable supplying to the trade with a durable and commercial product available to us for residential use.  This in itself can provide confidence in longevity and durability for a resin stone option for a driveway path or patio from Drive-Cote Ltd.

resin stone option by Drive-Cote ltd

Resin stone options for driveway paths and patios vary in requirements from the client specification to the suitability of the product for the surface and/ or purpose.

A resin stone option can be split into 2 main sections really

Resin bonded

Resin bound

Wording can be used to describe the different installs.  So on the plus side resin stone options using the bonded application are lot less expensive (or perhaps the word cheap can be used if trying to sway the reader towards the other resin stone option – resin bound stone).

Mansfield resin stone option


So on the plus side for a resin stone option using the bound application Suds compliant can be highlighted.  However Suds compliance does not mean it has to be permeable it means the run off water has to be managed and that can be with an aco drain and once again perhaps selective wording can be used to sway the customer.

Resin stone option choice

should be down to the suitability of the surface and the requirement of the client.

If we were to look at one example of a requirement for a client  i.e. low or virtually no maintenance then resin bonded stone would be a better choice.  Impermeable means a stiff brush and occasional jet wash is all that is required.  No seal required,  no debris and dirt to clear as can be the case with a permeable surface.  If water can get through then so can mud and debris and this will affect the efficacy of the permeability.

Remember concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete resin bonded stone can resurface without any mess or disruption

We offer free advice with no obligation – so feel free to call Drive-Cote Ltd based in Mansfield covering Shirebrook, Stonebroom, Clowne, Sutton in Ashfield, Kirkby in Ashfield, Belper, Forest Town, Clipstone, Teversal, Rainworth, Stanton Hill, Tibshelf, Morton, Pilsley, Edingley, Southwell, Mansfield Woodhouse.

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