resin bonded or resin bound? Mansfield Ravenshead Langwith

October 16th, 2018

Resin bonded or resin bound ?

Resin bonded or resin bound?  Resin aggregate? Resin stone? Resin Paving? They all involve Resin

Which is the correct to install  – resin bonded or resin bound?

 Is “correct” the right word?

No –   there is no correct  –  it is about one shoe not fitting all and having the right install for the right purpose .

We at Drive-Cote Ltd would ask these questions first

Why do you want a resin surface?

P1020385  P1010375

Anti slip?

Nothing down?

What is currently in place?

Lets start with why do you want the resin surface?

Do you want a brand new surface as you have nothing down?  Then we would not advocate resin bonded installs.  Why?  you would have to have the time and cost of a tarmac or concrete install first.  Then a resin surface laid on the top.  To be perfectly honest if you have a brand new concrete or tarmac surface then this should serve you well for many years at it is.

Do you want an anti slip surface ?

resin bonded or resin bound for this inprinted concrete

Then we would advocate resin bonded stone as long as there is a concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete in place.  Why –  it is an aggressive, attractive, protective, durable, maintenance and anti slip free  option.

What is currently in place? 

If it concrete or tarmac and is it structurally sound then we would resurface with a non permeable resin bonded surface. Our resin bonded stone does not affect the existing levels.

We at Drive-Cote are not part of a larger concern, we are not “recently” trained in the use of resin.  What we do have is over 18 years of experience. Longevity and total confidence in our specialist media suppliers.

We are an independent Mansfield based company providing a personable product and service.

When we are asked resin bonded or resin bound – our install of choice is Resin Bonded stone.  It is designed to use the existing without the mess and disruption of having a concrete or tarmac surface unnecessarily removed.  If its not broke don’t fix it.

We are not in the business of installing at all cost, we will provide honest information.  We don’t have salesman just Simon and Faith!

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