concrete resin resurfacing Mansfield

January 31st, 2019

concrete resin resurfacing Mansfield

On our website we have in the past reported on the benefits of a resin bonded resurfacing install to protect your existing surface.  The surfaces we primarily cover are concrete and tarmac.  Why?  Because these are two products offering outstanding durability for our homes and gardens.  We as a country build with concrete as it is a highly efficient product in the long term.  Making concrete a valuable surface to protect and extend the life of.

concrete resin resurfacing Mansfield

Versatile, durable and environmentally friendly –  but concrete can be affected by the elements.  It is not a permeable surface for a reason.  A 40  year old driveway or patio can potentially have surface damage and if left this can deteriorate further.  Protected surfaces provide longevity and in the long run further service for  your driveway path or patio

We work with existing surfaces to protect and improve when surfaces are still structurally sound but have some surface deterioration.

Minimising weeds on the surface is an added benefit together with anti slip properties.


Resin Bonded  Gravel and Resin Bonded Aggregate providing concrete resin resurfacing an alternative to the usual options  for your driveway path or patio. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. 

We are based in Nottinghamshire but accessible to Yorkshire and Derbyshire areas.  We have completed anti slip surfacing  in Skegby,  Aspley,  Bilsthorpe, Bulwell,   Clay Cross, Cotgrave, Doncaster,  Huthwaite, Leamington Spa, Mansfield Woodhouse, New Houghton, Northampton, Pentrich, Peterborough, Ravenshead, Sellers Wood, Shirebrook,  Sutton Bonnington, Toton, Warsop, Worksop.

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