Selston resin driveway

February 27th, 2019

Selston resin driveway

Selston resin driveway enquiry received this week.  Although to be fair it is  incorrect to say Selston resin driveway as it is actually  balcony.

This Selston resin balcony enquiry has come about as a result of the Selston resin driveway project we had completed for the client a few years ago.   Cost will be a consideration  for this client as will the different available options to cover the balcony area as it is not a foregone conclusion we have the job.  Whilst you can’t apply the same logic and requirements as you would to resurfacing a driveway it certainly doesn’t harm to read up in as many places as possible.

Selston resin driveway

We found this on a forum on the  internet

Afternoon all – the time has finally come for me to sort out our front driveway. We’ve lived in the house for 3 years now and my wife parks on the front grass and it’s starting to feel all a bit too pikey.

I’ve only got a streetview image from before me moved in (The area has been tidied up massively since the Google Streetview picture was taken);

The area is 6m*2.9m.

Ideally we wanted to extend the block paving across but the few quotes we had about 18 months ago just came in too expensive for it to be worthwhile (we’re planning on moving in a few years and my wife hasn’t minding parking on the grass). The main reason for getting it sorted is just for it to look nicer.

With all of the above taken into account and my preference for making it look nicer for as little cost I think we’ve decided to put gravel down. Plenty of other houses down the road have gravel driveway so it won’t look out of place, it should be cheap(ish) to complete and won’t take much time.

What am I looking at to gravel the area? I’d like to do the work myself (or with friends) over one weekend and think I’ve got a rough idea of the plan;

Day1 – dig out existing soil (roughly 20cm deep), have soil (3.5m3) collected by ‘grabber truck’
Day2 AM – lay hardcore down (10cm)
Day2 PM – have MOT Type 1 delivered from GravelMaster, rent whacker and compact down to fill 4cm-5cm and gaps
Day2 PM – lay gravel into gravel holders which fills remaining 5cm-6cm

Anyone have any tips or advice? I’m unsure of how to get rid of the soil at the moment as that seems like it’s going to be very costly?

Rough man maths seems to suggest – 6m*2.9M*20cm = 3.5m3

Each Travis Perkins bag is going to be roughly 0.5m3 so I’d need rougly 7 bags across all 3 materials. Cost roughly of £370.


and the feedback and input the poster receives is quite varied.

Resin Bonded  Gravel and Resin Bonded  Aggregate providing an alternative to the usual options  for your driveway path or patio.  If it’s not broke don’t fix it. 

We are based in Nottinghamshire  and we have completed anti slip surfacing  in Skegby,  Aspley,  Bilsthorpe, Bulwell,  Clay Cross, Cotgrave, Huthwaite,  Mansfield Woodhouse, New Houghton, Pentrich,  Ravenshead, Sellers Wood, Shirebrook,  Sutton Bonnington, Toton, Warsop, Worksop, Underwood, Pinxton, South Normanton

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