resin bonded driveway preparation specification

October 5th, 2019

Resin bonded driveway preparation specification

 We are regularly asked this.  What a resin bonded driveway preparation specification should be.

The answer is simple.  Planning and preparation.  Another important  aspect in the case of our business is a solid well structured base.   So first and foremost we rely on the base for the resurfacing.

Concrete or tarmac are the perfect bases.  A resin bonded driveway starts with a solid base.  Resin bonded stone uses existing surfaces for a reason. Strength is the reason.  Thus ensuring structural integrity.  The weight  of a vehicle needs to be well supported.  Concrete and tarmac provide this.


resin bonded driveway preparation specification by Drive-Cote Ltd resin bonded driveway resin bonded stone Mansfield

Concrete benefits, why we use for resin bonded stone

We could give you a whole list of reasons to keep your concrete driveway path or patio.  So as an example consider the following:


Resin bonded driveway preparation specification is relatively simple.  We would need to assess the surface first.

Drive-Cote Ltd have a tried and tested process to follow.  However there are always variations to the norm.  As a business we adjust accordingly.  Having the correct materials together with exceptional quality is improtant.  Reliability from suppliers is also key.

Blockpaving driveway preparation specification

With a block paved drive the preparation specification is completely different.  Why?  Because digging out and sub base considerations are required.  That is before laying any blocks.  Because blocks are labour intensive and there is  the potential need to remove waste.  A resin bonded driveway preparation specification does not need this.

We use a 2 part resin bonded stone installs system.  It is  easily and by far the simplest way to improve access so giving kerb appeal.   But it is an efficient and cost effective process .  The resin bonded driveway preparation specification is  so simple.  This allows it to be completed in a day.  We offer free no obligation quotes.

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We are based in the East Midlands so contact us for a chat if you live in the area.  Anti slip and protective resin bonded stone. We will resurface your driveway path or patio because our resin can provide unique options. In fact our resin can provide a weed free alternative.  No need to have the usual surfaces.  No more block paving or imprinted concrete or tarmac and concrete . Beeston or Bolsover.   Burton Joyce and Clowne.  Gedling,  Kirkby in Ashfield and Matlock.  Newthorpe or Old Whittington. Radcliffe on Trent and Sheffield. Becuase these are all within our local area we can help you protect your existing surface.