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January 29th, 2020

Recent resin drive enquiry received just after Christmas 2019. 

Unfortunately this recent resin drive enquiry was out of area, however we are always happy to provide information and referrrals where possible.

 From: Dave   ………>

 Sent: 08 January 2020 14:13


 Subject: Resin bonded driveway

  Hi,     I stumbled upon your website after reading about you in an online forum “outandabout live”. The pseudonym of the very helpful person was “faithcaine” who may be an owner. I have a forty year old concrete drive which although cracked in places is very solid. These have probably been there since the 1980’s as I have seen little change since then. Would this be suitable for resin-bonded? Photo attached.

Unfortunately I think I may be way too far out of your area (Essex) for you to be able to help me.  I do wonder if perhaps you know the names of any reliable installers in the S.E. though if that is the case. Kind regards,  Dave

We replied

Thank you for your email.  Guilty as charged!   that  was me on “outandabout live”! 

Simon has looked at your images and based on an assumption that the levels are not too differing on the different sections, with good prep works the resin bonded stone should be able to be resurfaced.  As with all works its about a site visit and good prep work. 

You are correct we are too far to be able to complete the works.  However there are 2 National companies who have installers in different areas.  Just remember and be aware a lot of companies favour the bound (requiring the existing surface to be removed).  However with resin bonded this is designed to resurface existing surfaces. 

Addagrip seem to work more with resin bonded  so I would start with them first.  Also if you look local – shopping centres and walk ways –  you will probably find works completed – contact the council and see if they can tell you who installed the surface and whilst they may be commercial and bound-  they may well be able to recommend a local installer. or 

 Hopefully I have continued to be the helpful “faithcaine” and this will help you with your recent resin driveway enquiry and good luck.

 Regards  Faith

 01623 623986

Hi Faith,

Well thank you so much for the helpful advice especially as you are not in my area. All I can say is good luck with your business and I am sure you will continue to do well with your excellent attitude to customers and people in general as well judging by your comments on that forum. Kind Regards Dave

Imprinted concrete, tarmac or concrete we can resurface (subject to a site survey).   Anti slip and virtually weedfree.  No mess and no disruption and no or minimum  costly landfill disposal requirements.  Our resurfacing option does not affect existing surfaces.

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