winterproof resin bonded stone

September 28th, 2020

Winterproof resin bonded stone

Now is the time to beat the slippy and icy surfaces with a winterproof resin bonded stone ant slip surface.

Resin bound surfacing  encapsulates the stone and is trowelled on to surfaces. This means the surface is not as anti slip as a winterproof resin bonded stone area.  The uniqueness of a resin bonded surface is that the shape and size of the aggregate and the fact that it sits proud of the resin whilst also being partly embedded in resin for adhesion.

                               Road use is where the resin bonded stone started –  providing anti skid properties but at the same time offering a durable and protective  surface. What makes resin bonded resurfacing anti slip – more irregularities expressed in the aggregate shape which in turn creates more friction- its as simple as this.  The smoother the surface the more slippy the surface.

Winter time is catching up fast and in October 2013 we wrote about how the weather can be a dictate for installations

However once again we see the statements by some companies that they can apply resin (resin bound and resin bonded) when it is raining.   But be very wary of these claims as a resin drive installation Winter time can be hard work.  The weather does not have to halt a project, but it can hold it to ransom!  Concrete and tarmac have different porosity qualities so the surface for  resin drive installations Winter time can dictate on how and when to apply a resin bonded or resin bound application

Porous permeable suds compliant resin

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