driveway pothole resurfacing

February 28th, 2021

driveway pothole resurfacing

In April 2013 we wrote about  pothole problems and we think that this will be even more of an issue for the countrywide road system going forward.

Wear and tear
Manpower issues in general
Covid 19 pandemic 

Weather changes affected by global warming can be contributory factors to deterioration in the road surfaces as well.  Creating a need for  some of us to consider driveway pothole resurfacing.

Notts County Council say on their website


driveway pothole resurfacing

What is a pothole and how do they form? 

“A pothole is a large, deep hole in the road. They are formed when roads freeze and thaw repeatedly. The changes in temperature causes damage to the surface. Layers of the road become unstuck or the surface breaks. As traffic travels over these weakened areas holes appear. 

Potholes can appear at any time of year but are more frequent during late winter and early spring”. 

Our driveways paths and patios can be subject to similar deterioration.  Tarmac and concrete are strong substrates but may need a little tlc over the years.  Sometimes the surface may have been physically marked and damaged (oil spills and skip damage for example) sometimes they may be beyond repair and require a brand new surface.

Our resin bonded surface (bonded not bound) cannot always work with all issues, however one of the main benefits of our resin is the ability to resurface an existing surface and to not affect the existing level.

Frost damage, heave and shelling all allow the elements to attack the surface but as long as the structure is sound this will only be surface damage to start with.  However left to deteriorate without protection this could eventually be irreparable.

Our resin is a polyurethane based product if you require some technical trivia please see . This website talks about the advantages and properties.  The site talks about the abrasion and impact resistance for example.  This is an aspect that is key and relevant to the resin and the aggregates to be used. Crushing, impact and gravity and water absorption being relevant. 

Science and technology is behind the correct use of resins and aggregates and the different applications.

We have been working within the local area for in excess of 15 years now.  Our Resin Bonded Gravel can protect, anti slip and extend the life of your existing concrete or tarmac surface.

Blidworth,  Chesterfield, Clipstone, Cromford, East Bridgford, Kilburn, Long Eaton, Mapperley, New Tupton, Nottingham, Pinxton, Ruddington, Stapleford, Sutton in Ashfield, Kirkby in Ashfield  West Bridgford, Ripley, Ravenshead, Bilsthorpe.

For driveway pothole resurfacing with resin bonded stone call Simon or Faith  quotes 01623 623986

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