resin bound and resin bonded options

October 31st, 2021

resin bound and resin bound options

We had an interesting discussion recently with a potential client wanting  to discuss the  resin bound and resin bonded options for a leafy patio area.

Our response to  the question which is the best resin bound or resin bonded ? was as follows –

“Good morning and apologies for the delay in reaffirming our chat a few days ago.
You were quite correct in there being 2 types of resin and you were right to try and clarify  the differences in purpose, installation and requirements etc.

resin bound and resin bonded options
The two types  (we will list as it is easier for clarity and to be aware of the strengths, purposes and differences between the 2 resins).

Resin bonded (Bonds to a surface below) 

Applied to an existing surface – concrete or tarmac (non porous surface)  for vehicles, possibly slabbs/paving if foot traffic only.
NOT porous
Less expensive
Does not affect existing levels
Anti slip and weed resilient
Can be completed in a day

Resin bound (bound in a mixer and trowelled on)

Applied to a prepared compacted hardcore type surface (porous) existing surfaces should be removed unless already porous
Is porous
More expensive
Will affect existing levels if applied to existing surfaces (which we don’t advocate)
Requires more preparation work and will probably require (skips)  waste /rubble removal

For your particular purpose – in our opinion it would be difficult to advocate either of these resin applications. As you explained you do have an ongoing fight with weeds and growth in the non slabbed areas in between the slabs/garden/path areas.

We  would suggest a keener management of the area (s) that are causing you the concern  – perhaps ask your gardener to look at a resin based jointing compound sometimes known as a patio mortar.

There are also patio (which covers quite a wide field of surfaces – blocks and paving slabbs for eg)  maintenance companies a local one is CDS –  We  would suggest trying them and seeing if they can help to try and seal the area more?

However one important aspect to consider is that if an area is fully sealed and becomes non porous where does the water go? By the same token if you leave it as it is,  it will always require management weed control as you aware aware weeds don’t only grow up but they embed and flourish!

Weed growth

What we all need to realise (and we have been guilty of this) is that nothing is perfect!  Its a case of trying to work out the best for you and the area causing you concern which is what you are doing.

You live in a beautiful part of Nottinghamshire but that has a price!  Weeds and growth on your patio/path garden area will be more occurring because of the very nature of the area you live in. We always say to clients and enquirers one shoe does not fit all.

I hope we have given you a little more information to make a more informed decision.  Sometimes it is better to stick with what you have and continue to work with it.
Good luck”

You will see we have not suggested either as an option.  Resin is an amazing and resilient product but  it is not always the right product.