resin driveway substrate strength

February 28th, 2022

resin driveway substrate strength

resin driveway substrate strength

The key to all good resin driveway resurfacing!   Costs for basic materials are escalating due to the current climate.  Improve don’t remove!

Our resin bonded stone uses the  existing surface –  concrete and tarmac being the most enduring.







A Report in the Science Daily   reports

“A nanomaterials-engineered penetrating sealer is able to better protect concrete from moisture and salt — the two most damaging factors in crumbling concrete infrastructure in northern states. The novel sealer showed a 75% improvement in repelling water and a 44% improvement in reducing salt damage in laboratory studies compared to a commercial sealer”

Have you ever thought why concrete is used in footings?  If its good enough for a house then a driveway is no problem

Back in 2014 we reported on the required durability for a driveway and the construction and science research strives to improve concrete.

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