resin bonded stone working temperature

July 17th, 2022

Resin bonded stone working temperature

Whether that be the resin itself or the operator there are limitations.

resin bonded stone working temperature requires careful monitoring

For our resin installs we work within the surface and operating temperature guidelines. 

+5 ° to  +35°  is one of the indicators we do not work outside of.

Resin  is a two part product and in order for the mixing process to work correctly temperature is  key to the process.

Our resin is primarily for commercial use but we apply  residential adaptations  including mixing and application.

There are many comments on the internet with regard to the “scatter” coat system (resin bonded) but many fail to highlight the benefits of such a product.

  • Anti slip

  • Complete in a day

  • No need to remove the existing surface

  • Extremely short curing period

resin bonded stone working temperature

Drive-Cote Ltd resin work with a natural border

We have over the past few years noticed an increase in the demand for resurfacing  particularly of imprinted concrete. 

Why ?

Drive-Cote Ltd believes it is relative to the options available for sealing and protecting the imprinted concrete.  Currently  the seals available serve to protect the imprinted concrete, but at the same time do not offer adequate anti slip properties, and certainly not to the degree that an anti slip resin drive can.  In fact the resin drive offers a degree of purchase and anti slip quality that seals cannot.  The resin bonded resurfacing allows the special granular aggregate to sit slightly proud of the resin offering the best anti slip properties. 

Resin Bonded  Gravel and Resin Bonded Aggregate provides an alternative to the usual options  for your driveway path or patio. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. 

Advancements in our resin have allowed a more efficient use of it.  However with the variables in temperature (sometimes in a matter of hours!) over the years the  resin bonded stone working temperature is key.

We are based in Nottinghamshire but accessible to Yorkshire and Derbyshire areas.  We have completed anti slip surfacing  in Skegby,  Aspley,  Bilsthorpe, Bulwell,  Clay cross, Cotgrave,   Huthwaite, Mansfield Woodhouse, New Houghton,  Pentrich, Peterborough, Ravenshead, Sellers Wood, Shirebrook,  Toton, Warsop, Worksop

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